Welcome to Natural Healing System

NHS teaches you how to re-establish neurological function. Natural Healing is a cutting edge technique based on the principals of Dr. Victor L. Frank’s “Functional Physiology”. (Functional Physiology is the act of restoring the function of the body's systems back to optimal function.) The basic premise of Natural Healing, is to activate the body's own inherent healing capacity. This system supports the body's ability to completely integrate all physiological systems at their intended optimal capacity and function. NHS works with the Mind, Body, Soul, and Emotion as one living person. If one part is not functioning at optimal levels, then the entire person is malfunctioning. These new techniques are not time consuming for the doctor; application takes 1-2 minutes and reduces the overall treatment. Natural Healing aids in getting to the cause of their symptoms and correcting the cause not just cover up the symptom. NHS complements and enhances any technique the practitioner uses rather than making other techniques obsolete. Natural Healing is not just one person's ideas of how the body works, but information that has been gathered from all sources available and credit given to everyone who have contributed to Natural Healing.