Nanobot Re-Program

Nanobots are here to stay, so we have to make them work for us instead of working against us.  With this in mind, this is one way to reprogram them to help heal the body. Looking back, we have seen the Nanobots as early as 1993 with the first to find was Cogitatio Parasitus.

The Nanites have combined Myelin Encephalitis and the 150+ strains. 

This is the Thinking Parasite.  We found that only water will kill this parasite, everything else feeds it (including Zapper).  In 1993, I found a patient with white worms coming out of the skin on her face and chest. She had been everywhere to kill them but nothing worked. I grabbed some and sent them off to a lab to identify them. While waiting for the report I found that they came from milk. The heavy use of antibiotics in cows created this parasite. It is not in Butter, Ice Cream, but in milk only whether dry, low fat or even raw milk. This parasite converts any common or uncommon parasite treatment as a food source to double its amount within 24hrs. Even the Zapper will increase the numbers. I have found that the osmotic pressure of water is the only thing that will kill it. Several months later, the lab came back and asked what I would like to call it.  I had already discovered the characteristics of the parasite, so I told them, “The Latin name for ‘Thinking Parasite.”  I have heard that the medical communities are using my name for this parasite, but have not seen any report to confirm this.

We have seen a great increase recently in symptoms arising from Nano dust, believed to be derived from Nanite technology.  Current symptomology includes but not limited to: Sinus, Lung, respiratory, coughing (nonproductive) also digestive typically transverse and descending colon, loss of appetite with constipation or diarrhea. Symptoms may also include redness around the eye soft tissue and symptoms of allergies.

Test:             Nanobot Re-Program (on the Chest)

Correction:   Optimize

Date First Taught:                                      11/10/2015

Developed By:

Randall Frank, N.M.D., C.T.N., D.M., D.D.