2012 Sugar Flu

A new flu is out; we are finding there is 2 viruses that hit at the same time one is a sugar virus and the other one is a Lymphatic Virus.

What I have found and I may be wrong at this point because it is still early in the learning stage of this

It starts with cravings for sugar a few days before it makes you sick, with fever, sore throat, headache, and the aches of having the flu. The medical testing can show a bacterial infections like streptococcus and when they give antibiotics the patient, and has an allergic reaction to the meds.  I believe it is because the viruses are giving off bacterial markers that the medical testing says it is a bacteria, and then give antibiotics to fit the infection (standard procedure) and it feeds the viruses causing an allergic reaction on top of the already symptoms.


The Sugar Virus goes after the liver and the sugar metabolism. Flu.

The Lymphatic Virus seems to go after blocking the lymphatic drainage.

One of the

The Correction is

Test:             Biological ___ on Chest and Say Sugar Flu

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Test:             TL any area in trouble

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Date First Taught:                                      11/21/2012

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Randall J. Frank, N.M.D, C.T.N., D.M., D.D., Andrea Denis Hutton-Frank D. C., Wenke Gimplinger D. V. C., Dr. Gilbert L Danforth D.C.