Biological _____ Vial Technique

This is for any flu type symptoms and colds.  This very complicated technique was created in a vial for you, through a joint effort between TBM and Natural Healing.  The vial is designed to automatically update, with the current biological elements in the air, food, etc., and the most current corrections for them.  To update your vial, open kit for 5 minutes; it will pull in the most current elements and corrections in your area and let the body know how to fix them.  If you have a patient that is not responding, check Biological_____, it may be the problem.

Test:             Put the Biological ______ vial on the body

Correction:   Optimize

Date First Taught:                                       4/16/2000

Developed By:

Randall J. Frank, N.M.D, C.T.N., D.M., D.D.