Michael Hayes

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Natural Healing and TBM

I had the honor of having Dr. Victor & Randy Frank Help me thru TBM/ Natural Healing. I am forever grateful for their Knowledge and skill.


Anita Kloss  D.C.

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Hi Randy

Office testimony

The patient that I asked you for help came in today. The EI, 500 g of meat a day patient.

She was having flu symptoms. Searched the vials as we discussed. 1992 flue, caustic mold, waking the tiger, human body ability, ran for a moment, I could watch as her nose returned to a normal skin color. She cried Ed and told me some personal stuff. After that, I was able to continue with EI, Common integument. Her tingling left her legs. She felt good at the end. I scheduled her next week Wednesday and Friday.


My testimony

I was running to get the meat at a store near by the connecting station for 30 min up an escalator 60 steps high, which was out of order. Into the store fast paced with a heavy bag pack. Normally I would have had a blown asthma attack on the escalator. I sat down at the train-station and rested. This would put me into a severe asthma attack. It was difficult to regain normal breathing, but no panic set in, and I felt sweaty after the work out. Cannot remember this feeling. Thanks for resetting the respiratory regulatory system. Did stress calming in the train, but resorted to one puff of inhaler when I though I was on the wrong train kicked it over the threshold. 

Then I went to a restaurant in town and ate a 300 g steak and ordered a second one 200g. I could not believe it I was hungry for it. I drank 6 liter H2O today.


My god, I slowly start to understand, once the body understands it will be supplied with what it needs it calls for it. The burning in my upper shoulder area where the exhaustion starts is in reality -so i think -a meat  regulatory measurement, the more the burning the more your protein , meat level in the body decreased, so fuel up the engine , eat meat and you can continue to function. So the miracles happen with the people how eat and drink as instructed.


My god Andrea and you are a crazy bunch, but I am so glad I met you. It is great to be on the same page. It feels normal to hang around people like you.

Thank you much.



Noelle Mercer

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Dear Patti and Randall,

I just wanted to thank you both for everything that you have done.  The seminar was wonderful, so many special people.  I have to tell you that you both gave me the single most profound healing experience of my life.  I know that there is more to be done but thank you for opening the door.

I look forward to joining you both in more workshops in the future.

Take care,



Dr. Joel E Haase D. C.

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The power of Natural Healing

I know someone who had a stroke and she told me she wanted to learn how to write... her name again. I did some Natural Healing Technique on her...specifically the Natural Healing's Learning vial. I think this is a great improvement in 5 min time...I'll bet in a month she will have her old handwriting back.


Jim Kimbrough

Email:     jimdad@hotmail.com

Hi Randy!

What an incredible seminar Randy! The new vials are phenomenal! Thank you for all the work you do to make them available to us.

Your baby is adorable. I so enjoyed her being around everyone. She is one independent, smart little cookie too. Your wife is lovely. It was so nice to see you so happy.

I Look forward to working with the vials. I will do my best to keep better communication open with you. I have had such remarkable success with the last kit I've been working with, I can hardly imagine the power of the new work with the new kit!

I am working on some intense cases. I have several clients with varying stages of cancer. Female hormonal problems, tinnitus, etc. What fun this will be running the new vials!

I also did vials on 2 of my dogs this morning. One had eye surgery and another has a freakin staff infection in her ear. They were responsive and receptive to the vials. I'll let you know what results I get. There were quite a few people interested in my work with animals at this seminar.

You ROCK Randy! I so admire and appreciate you and your father.

I worked on Vic for a short bit Sunday after class ended, but that patient was sitting up front and he was quite distracted and wanted to get up there and work on her. I hope the vials helped him a bit. He went into Allostatic Finished rather quickly.

Take care and safe travels home!

Jim Kimbrough


Dr.Dez Sellars PhD Alternative Medicine D.N.Med., D.Th.D., M.F.Phys., Phys.E.Th., Fellow NLPPA.


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A personal testimonial

I have been practicing Natural healing System for some 3 years now and each year I have attended the Basic seminar so that I can keep up to date with the ever changing flux that our bodies are going through and by doing so I keep up to date with the Evolution of the Natural Healing System.

Each seminar I have attended has given me something new, not only in the advancement of the vials but also with new techniques which make my work easier and thus I have faster and more efficient results, I am still in Ore of the natural progression of the system which is constantly evolving, Dr Randall keeps up to date with the cutting edge of Science and the Naturopathic and Holistic way of helping us to evolve as practitioners but also the client.

I have just returned from Las Vegas where I spent a whole week with Dr Randall learning the Advanced methods and ways of working with Clients/Patients, I learned new advanced methods of accessing and using the system which totally blew my mind, I also got to know how he makes his vials and the philosophy and a deeper understanding of why and how NH works.

I learned how to access a person’s holographic template, how to see where a client/patient has blockages or health concerns, I learned how to access and auto correct a myriad of physical and emotional issues, I also learned how to deal with emotional issues in an advanced way which shortcuts the way I work with emotional issues, I have used his Advanced methods in my clinic since returning from Vegas and although I am a very experienced practitioner of Alternative Medicine, I am actually amazed by the results I am now getting.

Personally I grew on many levels, physically I am more energetic, emotionally I am more in tune, and spiritually I am now connecting at levels which after 21 years in this Alternative field, I have never reached before.

I was also on my own personal quest with no expectations, however Dr. Frank Randall (Randy) took me into the mountains on a trail which led to a spiritual awakening of which I had personally not achieved before, despite many teachers and courses which I had previously attended that only gave me hints of what may be possible, I can say with my hand on my heart this randy is a Spiritual Master of Integrity and Honor who has compassion and understanding on levels which I have only just begun to realize.

Why bother to retake the basic NH Seminar?

Quite simply because, each time I have taken or should I say retaken the seminar, I have learned something new, not only in the new vials, but also in any new methods and information which is being imparted, please remember that what was current information last year or before that, may not be current now, so it is important to keep your skills up to date, and in doing so, you will not only be a credit to your-self but also to your clients/patients.


When I heard of Dr Randall’s claims of what he has helped people with and the stories he shares, I must say I was a little skeptical to say the least, however over the past 3 years I have grown on so many levels which have helped me as a healer and also my clients have taken a Quantum Leap in their health and well-being, quite simply you owe it to yourself and your business to keep up to date and learn from a true master of his art.


Thanks Randy



Patricia Ebert D. C.

Email:     docpebe2@ca.rr.com

I had to share this with you and the group. While we were together, I had been keeping in touch with my friend in Hamburg. She had been feeling the energy of what was going on when we were work shopping. For the heck of it, I sent her an email asking if she was aware of anything going on yesterday between 3 and 9 pm (12 am and 6 am her time) - the time we were working on the vial and when I was reset. Here is her response (remember, I did not give her any idea of what we were doing at the time):


"Last night between midnight and 2 am I came home from a birthday party of a friend. I was already having an incredible, joyous, energy-exploding day and when I came home after midnight, I was still very energized but all of a sudden I was feeling something going on in my head. On one hand it felt similar to a deeksha blessings but on the other hand if felt also very different, it was more like a tense connection in my head. Actually it felt like a resetting of my neurons with the quantum field around.

When I woke up this morning, I had a terrible headache, my head was almost exploding. But when I did my mediation with Joe Dispenza, actually it is the connection to the "quantum field" or the ALL or whatever it may be called. I felt an immediate release. My headache is gone, I feel resetting and something is still processing. It is kind of emptiness but at the same time it also feels like a richness or abundance. It is difficult to describe but you may understand because you feel it."

Later on today, I received this email from her (I had not talked to her yet when this was written):

"I am feeling so much ease, peace, joy, grace and effortlessness.

I am feeling so confident, I feel home, I am feeling reset to my core nature!

It is strange, amazing, sacred and weird at the same time! I feel so blessed!"

All this, and it wasn't even run on her directly, and she is in Germany for goodness sake!!!

What hath thy daughter created?



Dr.Dez Sellars PhD Alternative Medicine D.N.Med., D.Th.D., M.F.Phys., Phys.E.Th., Fellow NLPPA.


Email:     mindcoach@btinternet.com

It is the 6th October 2008, the day after the Great North Run and I feel alive and fantastic!

So what………..

It was my first half marathon and I completed it in 2hrs 55 seconds

So what………..

10 months ago I was struggling to get out of bed!.

My name is Lisa Berry and for the past 3 years I have suffered ill health. The transformation was alarming, prior to 2005 I was a vibrant person who was life and soul of the party with a successful career . After 2005 I became a zombie who was constantly struck with viruses, infections and became a shadow of my former self only managing to work part time, and that was a battle.

How did this come about….. I was renovating a house with my husband and fell 10 feet off ladders. I hurt my pelvis and completely smashed my elbow. They rebuilt my elbow but somewhere down the line my body went into I can only describe it as shock and that was the start of my health problems.

I won’t bore you with all of the details but when I first went to see Dez in Dec 2007 it is fair to say I was very weak, lifeless, lost my spark and felt as if my body was giving up. To give you an idea of my situation. here are some of the ailments I was suffering from: Under Active Thyroid which the doctors couldn’t seem to regulate, a dry persistent cough which was similar to whooping cough which I suffered from for 11-12 weeks every winter. This meant I struggled to breathe and the constant coughing made me sick. Doctors had sent me for x-rays and couldn’t find the route problem, Candida (yeast infection), chest infections, allergic dermatitis which had covered 50% of my body. Irritable Bowel which meant holidays weren’t pleasurable as I spent most of them in pain due to the changes in water/food. I lacked concentration, suffered from insomnia and if I wasn’t spending all winter coughing I spent all summer sneezing with chronic Hay Fever! Worst of all was the exhaustion. It wasn’t normal tiredness, this was an overwhelming feeling of fatigue that meant even to pick up the kettle was a struggle.

Every time I went to visit my doctor I felt as if I was a hypochondriac with yet another complaint. My normal doctor was sympathetic but one day my normal doctor wasn’t available and I saw another doctor whose diagnosis was to get on with it and be positive!

I found this ironic as I had just passed qualifications to become an executive business coach and I practiced life coaching! There was not anything I did not know about being positive. Had I not been positive I do not think I would be here writing this. I have always been a very determined person who believes life is for living but no matter how much I believed this my body wasn’t responding.

It was during a deep and meaningful conversation with my mum and dad when my life changed. I had put a brave face on my health issues and it is safe to say nobody knew how ill I really was. My motto was always “Just because I am in pain doesn’t mean I have to be one” but one day I couldn’t hide it any more. I admitted to my husband my parents that I thought I was dying and my body was giving up. Each infection was getting harder to deal with and I felt weak and lifeless!

As a family we have always believed in alternative medicine. I was brought up with herbs and herbal medicine. My parents were completely alarmed by my admission and sought about finding an alternative route for me.

Q Dez! – What an amazing talent and gift this man has. I was right, my body was in a mess. Looking into my eyes confirmed my fears; all of my major organs were distressed. Dez asked how serious I was about getting my health back and I said I was totally committed to this, as the way my body was I had no life!

I am not going to kid anyone reading this and say my journey has all been easy and Dez gave me some magic treatment and I was better. It has at times been hard work. I started with a detox that made me feel worse than I had previously felt and whilst working on my thyroid some strange things happened to my body but I always believed in Dez and my desire to be well. As time went on I could go longer between my treatments. My immune system started to work better and I started to have days when I actually felt well! These days got more and more frequent and the Lisa of old started to re-appear.

The real success was when I went to visit a specialist in April 2008 regarding my thyroid. He could not believe that my thyroid was magically working again and wondered whether I had previously been misdiagnosed. I did not reveal the truth to him but I knew this was no mystery. Dez had treated my thyroid and it was now working, as it should. My thyroxin intake has now reduced from 100g per day to 10!

I have always been used to setting goals in my life and achieving them so what better way of testing my new healthy body with ½ marathon, which is where I began this testimony.

My gratitude to Dez can never be expressed. Running over that finish line was as much a testimony to Dez and his hard work as well as mine. I am in awe of his ability to help people back on track with their health, not small minor health complaints but an array of ailments that, if it were not for people like Dez people would only be existing and not living life to the full!

Dez is the person to call no matter how hopeless your situation may seem. He is the light at the end of the tunnel and the hope that you are looking for when all else seems to have failed!

Dez, I thank you from the bottom of my heart


Lisa Fuehrer

Email:     lisa.fuehrer@gmail.com

Hello Dr. Frank, I met you the last day at the Karl Parker Seminar in January. I work for Dr. Erich Breitenmoser and his assistant Dawn insisted that I get adjusted by you since she knew I had a lot going on at you could help me. I was a little unsure since I had a completely torn acl and both my meniscus were torn. I was nervous that an adjustment might hurt my knee even more. My knee had been swollen twice the size for at least 4 months dues to my injury and I was just counting down the days 'til I had my knee surgery. Anyway, you gave me a complete adjustment from head to toe. I honestly can say that I never felt so good after an adjustment in all my life. By Monday, following the seminar, my knee was almost completely back to its normal size. The swelling--which I had used the cold laser, ice, elevation, etc. was almost totally gone and I know it was because of the treatment you had given me. I just had surgery to replace my acl and repair my meniscus almost two weeks ago. I am healing very quickly and I feel great. I really just wanted to take a time out and thank you so much for taking the time and offering your services to me at the Karl Parker Seminar. I am so thankful and wish many blessings on you for your extraordinary gifts and talent. I hope to be able to come and see you again. Thanks again from the bottom of my heart!


Doug Weeks

Email:     weeksdougc@yahoo.com

Randy, I had an absolutely full day from early morning till past 6pm. There are some victories but also several who haven't noticed a thing. Cindy, the lady with MS said she had the best weekend she's had in a long time, walking without braces but wobbly. Her husband thinks she may have made some progress. She worked out today twice on her recumbent cross trainer. I treated her again twice since I talked with you using the BOS vial on her chest and then on each foot and then with movement of the legs.

Patsy, the heavy woman who does not seem to tolerate nutrients very well did have some diarrhea after her last treatment but has noticed nothing else. You'll remember we treated her liver and used EI. I did that again today. I also found the pulmo/ zong --- vial on her. I wonder if that's because she has a yeast problem.

Doug, the has been athlete who attended your conference, went kayaking on Friday, cleaned his garage on Saturday running up and down stairs and played golf with his new clubs (and with Julie) on Sunday. His knee was so stiff and sore that he wanted a prosthetic leg. The knee seems to swell after a certain amount of activity. Tim adjusted the knee with some improvement. I wish that I could find a way to get the fluid out and perhaps heal some of the scar tissue.

In summary, I would like to have more confidence in the techniques. Tomorrow and Thursday are packed as well. I wish I had as much confidence in my helping them as they have in me. Perhaps it is just because I am tired.

The clubs are much better than my old set. Thanks for helping me with that.

Take care, Doug


Jim Kimbrough CMT

Email:     jimdad@hotmail.com

My name is Jim Kimbrough. I am a Massage Therapist/Natural Healer in the Southern California Inland Empire area. I wish to share a few of my multitude success stories utilizing Dr. Franks Natural Healing protocols. I attended Dr. Franks recent Seminar (2006) in Buena Park California. What an eye opening experience! I have been using Natural Healing and TBM for several years. I had not taken updated Natural Healing seminars in at least 4 years. The new information I obtained and the incredible new vials are life changing not only for myself, my family and my loved ones, but also for my clients! I stopped at a friend’s house on my way home from the Natural Healing Seminar.

He was in the middle of a full asthma attack and was having extreme difficulty breathing. He had been having Asthma trouble for the previous 6 weeks. He also had a weird cold/allergy that kept his nose constantly dripping. None of my techniques were showing much improvement in these areas. I asked him if I could perform the basic first visit Natural Healing techniques on him In between gasps of air, he said, Sure. I had a rather rough time getting him to hold a muscle strong enough to get a clear test on him. Once established, I performed the basic fist visit on him. Here’s where the fun begins. Within 5 minutes, he was breathing clearly. Yes, I said FIVE MINUTES!!! Another 10 minutes and his dripping nose had completely cleared up. An hour later, the man was so energized and feeling so well that he began doing chores and projects around his home that he had been neglecting for months! Amazing

It has now been several weeks and his asthma symptoms and drippy nose have not returned. I continue to do other Natural Healing treatments on him with other health concerns he has. Incredible improvement in all areas! THIS STUFF WORKS! My line of work my reputation and my 17 years of healing experience have allowed me to treat many of my existing clients using Natural Healing these past few weeks since taking the new updated seminar. Their success has caused my business to explode in growth! They are telling their friends about me, and they tell their friends.

You get the idea. I do not wish to bore anyone with the multitude of stories, but I’d like to share a few more. I have an 80 year old reverend that is quite metaphysical. She was excited to have me perform Natural healing on her. I ran the basic day 1 exam. Followed with day 2 reset protocol. The next day, she phones me and says her vision was double. I was a bit perplexed. I made more corrections on her using the Natural Healing vials. After a couple attempts and only temporary fixes, I phoned Dr. Frank. He gave me a few suggestions on a different approach. They too worked temporarily.

I know the power of Natural healing and what it can do, so after a few days, I started asking my client a few more questions. She finally shares with me that she had had cataract surgery a few years ago. They replaced her own lenses with artificial lenses. One eye is a lens for far sightedness, the other for near sightedness! Her eyes were correcting to the original state with Natural healing! Her brain had yet caught up to the artificial lenses in her eyes. I had recalled a story about college students who performed an experiment where they wore special glasses 24/7 for a few weeks. These glasses caused them to see the world upside down. They had trouble walking, eating, etc. Many became queasy and fell over. Within 2 weeks, their brains had corrected the vision from the glasses and turned the incoming picture information back to right side up! I recounted this story to my client. She was most patient. She decided on her own to wait it out and see what happened in 2 weeks. Nearing the end of the 2-week healing period, her eyes began to slowly track. She awoke last week and her vision was totally restored! She no longer sees the double vision! Vials on the brain stem, protocols in the Natural Healing book regarding eyes, vision etc., were what I used. My point here is to be patient with your clients. If they follow, the rules of drinking that 1-quart of water per 50 pounds of body weight PLUS 2 quarts extra, and if they eat the rare red meat as directed, you will see dramatic improvements in your own work! Persistence pays off!


Cathy Anderson

Email:     catand@netzero.com

Dr. Randall Frank, I was very skeptical and reluctant to return to another NH seminar just 4 months later, but I am so-o-o-o glad I did. If I had waited until next year, I would have missed all of those months of accelerated healing for the people I treat, as well as for my own health problems. Getting the initial protocols of the revised 1st visit and 2nd visit loaded, tested, and visually confirmed in class is the best kept secret of attending. Even without CHAOS: the 2 NEW techniques, the vial consolidations (64 to 61), and the reorg/corrections of the notebook make this update significant. I gained a much deeper understanding of how to use the vials/techniques: In the clear; in combinations I had never considered or imagined; and in a protocol for heart problems. The promise of CHAOS was like a magnet pulling me back to the NH oasis in the desert. I initially thought CHAOS would be redundant and maybe just marketing hype. WRONG! WRONG! NH's logic is now top-down AND bottom-up ALL AT ONCE! Previously going from specific organ to infinite system, but CHAOS starts at infinity and comes back to specific. At least, that's how I understand it... And it's been added in EVERY vial and technique; that's what I call working overtime. I saw results in the seminar, and I expect no less upon my return home. Thanks, again!



Dr.Dez Sellars PhD Alternative Medicine D.N.Med., D.Th.D., M.F.Phys., Phys.E.Th., Fellow NLPPA.


Email:     mindcoach@btinternet.com

 My client came to me with a trapped sciatic nerve and he walked into my clinic walking very slow a she was in a great deal of pain, I treated him with LaStone hot and cold stone therapy massage, then did bi lateral anterior pelvis technique that Dr Randal taught me. I then used the NATURAL HEALING Vial as well as MUSCLE AND NERVE PAIN Vial on him, below is his own personal testimonial SHOWING HOW natural healing can be combined with other therapies to achieve fantastic results FAST I have suffered with back problems off and on since I was a child, and as I'm getting older things aren't getting easier.

I have been having Therapy from Dez 3 or 4 times a year for the last 3 years or so, not necessarily when I have a problem, but as he say's 'prevention is far better than cure'. In other words instead of waiting until you have a major problem treat your body like an engine and have it serviced regularly to enable it to run fairly trouble free. This simple strategy certainly works for me. However when I have a particular problem that rears its ugly head such as a trapped Sciatic Nerve in my lower back, I know that I can call him and he can sort out my problem within 45 minutes.

Let me give you an example - I run most days to keep myself fit. On the 29th of December I couldn't run full stop !!, I was getting symptoms I recognized (sharp shooting pains up the backs of my legs causing agonizing pain in my lower back). I knew straight away that I had a trapped nerve, called Dez who got to work on me the following morning even arranging an appointment during his holiday period. The next day, New Years Eve I was scheduled to take part in Betley's 'Golden Mile' Fun Run. Not only was I able to participate, but I actually won the race outright ! So if you suffer with your back don't do like I did for so many years put up with it and moan about it to anyone who'll listen - Do something about it. It works for me, it can work for you too. Thanks Dez, PAUL ANTHONY SIGNAL 1 & 2 Radio Presenter 2nd January 2006.


Cathy Anderson

Email:     catand@netzero.com

Thank you, Dr. Randall Frank, for Natural Healing. It is a gift to us of your time, knowledge, vision, and love for a sick world. Your seminar was transforming. At times it seemed like a roller coaster ride from skepticism (nobody can fix that!) to belief (can you fix me before I leave?). I experienced personal healing during and for weeks after the seminar. Since my return, my clients have responded with enthusiasm and recovery as they experience NH for themselves. Thank you so much for the hope and efficiency (results NOW, fewer visits, no medicine, no pain) of Natural Healing. Your confidence is contagious.


Dr. John Uys

Email:     uysjohn@yahoo.com

Hi Randy, after leaving your seminar, I met a man in our Hotel lobby, scuffling along like a crab. He fell two months earlier from the roof of his house, damaging two discs in his lower back. His doctor said the only option was to fuse these two vertebrae with an expensive operation. He was in constant pain. After obtaining his permission I stabilized natural healing, BOS and learning on him. To both of our astonishment, all his pain left, and he walked straight with a huge grin on his face, and tears in his eyes. He asked me what kind of doctor I was. I said I'm a Holistic Doctor, and jokingly said I specialize in miracles. He just looked at me, and asked me for my card and where I practice. What amazing fun! I am playing now with as many vials as possible, seeing what other "miracles" this technology is capable of.

Dr. John Uys


Dr.Dez Sellars

PhD Alternative Medicine

D.N.Med., D.Th.D., M.F.Phys., Phys.E.Th., Fellow NLPPA.


Email:     mindcoach@btinternet.com

I have a woman that has lived in fear for 8 years now, her fear is of ex-partner that is a control freak, he has controlled her life and suppressed her so much that in the past ,she has been scared to do anything about it. I gave her the normal 1st and 2nd visit protocols then I gave her the (waking the tiger) as well as natural healing Vial. No suggestions were given to her.... that night she phoned me to tell me that she has just left the police station and reported his abusive behavior and she gave a statement to that fact to the police. my I add also that her nerves were all on edge when she first visited me , she said she felt all shaky inside.... I asked her how she felt for reporting him to the police and she said "fantastic, I feel really good". I know prior to the treatment she looked nervous and very stressed, after treatment she looked very relaxed and even her face softened. she has awoken the tiger within and now she stands up for herself in situations in her life. Oh and one more thing, she is on red meat and water now and in the last week she has lost 4lbs in weight what made the body can heal the body providing we give it the right help!!! Dez Sellars http://www.completemindtherapy.com


Complete Healthcare Consultant UK


John Taberman-Pichler

Email:     eclectichealthcare@tiscali.co.uk

Dear Dr. Frank Having just finished your course here in England I just wanted to thank you for coming over and teaching your wonderful approach. I am an Osteopath who has been involved in Applied Kinesiology and many other approaches for almost 20 years and this is the easiest, quickest healing technique I have come across in this time. All I now need to do is your Father's course in TBM and I think I will have found the perfect combination for my patients and myself. Many many thanks. John Taberman-Pichler D.O.


Bruce Shin

Email:     akdocbruce@yahoo.com

After having taken TBM, I'd have to say my mind was pretty stretched. I had been exposed to a few more techniques utilizing vials. This set from NHS is very powerful and I have witnessed some incredible miracles. Basic adjusting is powerful within itself. Eating properly is powerful within itself. Having a balanced life is even powerful within itself. Utilizing the concepts from NHS in practice has made things even better. I highly recommend anybody who's looking to increasing their practice quality to take NHS for the pure benefit of helping their patients. This seminar will definitely stretch your brain some more!!


Dr. Mike Storey

Email:     mstorey14@cogeco.ca

Natural Healing, NH, is the most effective, straight forward, cost effective way that I have ever studied and used to help people period! It is impossible to put into words the extent that this incredibly powerful approach offers those who truly value helping people to get well. What I mean by well is that NH goes far beyond helping a person return to an optimal physiological functioning state for NH affects ones degree of wellness on a much deeper level involving an emotional wellbeing too. The founder of chiropractic talked about the three T's, toxins (chemical stress), traumas (physical stress) and thoughts (emotional stress) as being the true causes of subluxations, not the other way around. I have seen so many chiropractors who really want to help people believe that by adjusting the subluxations they are resolving the problem when they are just putting a natural Band-Aid on a problem that is much more profound.

I know this because I was once one of these doctors. After several years in practice and seeing well over 100,000 patient visits, over 120 post graduate chiropractic seminars involving virtually every technique that our amazing profession has to offer, I have never encountered anything as powerful and effective as Natural Healing. I estimate that I have spent more than $150,000 over the years educating myself in these post graduate seminars (and still do) in order to serve people in the best way possible, including studies in other health care areas such as acupuncture, nutrition, homeopathy, but nothing comes close to NH for getting people back on track. From a personal testimony, I would reiterate what I have seen with thousands of people and that is I feel that NH saved my life in April 2004. So many practitioners have asked me how much does the NH seminar cost and my reply is, I Do not care, I'd honestly pay 10 times what Dr. Frank charges because like BJ Palmer said: You never know how far reaching something you may think, say or do will affect the lives of millions tomorrow€. If my words are enough to get one person to realize just how valuable this seminar is then I am glad that I put in my two cents worth.

A simple thank you to Dr. Randy Frank is not enough. I have attended the seminar multiple times and each time I become a better doctor. For those of you who have been making excuses such as time or finances, I strongly urge you to attend because this seminar will prove to be invaluable.


Gloria Barnes

Email:     lady_1990@hotmail.com

I have been both a patient and a student of Dr. Randall Frank. A little more than one year ago, I was a severe E.I. (My body was shutting down and I had become allergic to almost everything.) The resulting pain from these reactions was almost unbearable. Using his Natural Healing Technique, Dr. Frank reduced the severity of my reactions immediately, and over this past year, I have continued to receive treatments and continue to heal. Thanks to this amazing treatment, I now lead a normal life without many reactions. It has helped me so much, that I wanted to learn the technique myself. I have just taken the Natural Healing Seminar. It is a very straight forward technique that can easily be learned in the three day seminar. The changes these vials and techniques can make in a person's health are truly amazing. I say this, from first-hand experience as both a patient and a practitioner. Thank you Randy, for saving my life. My wish is that others realize the power of Natural Healing; that practioners will take the Natural Healing Seminar and use its successful healing techniques to heal their patients; that patients needing help will find their way to Natural Healing, and that there will be NH practioners trained and available in all areas of the world to treat these people in need. Gloria Barnes D.D.


Camel Miller

Email:     camel_god@yahoo.com

Dr. Frank, My whole family seems to have posted about my MCS/TILT/EI. Though I have thanked you a million times for giving my life back in the last 3 years, I don't think it will ever be enough. I also wanted to thank you for letting me train with you. Since I started practicing NH and TBM all the people around me have become healthier and happier, which makes my life better. I enjoy the opportunity to help those around me to take control of their health and get rid of their problems. I do not pretend to fully understand how all this works, IT JUST WORKS. The techniques continually prove themselves. Thanks, Camel


Dr. Gilbert Danforth

Email:     doctord@nts-online.net

Have you ever noticed you tend to attract certain types of patients and maybe the scary ones you do not want to attract? Usually you have had one that you didn't know what to do with and everything you tried maybe helped a little but not enough to fix them and keep them coming back, so you quit attracting those people. Since working With Dr. Randall Frank, I have begun attracting those impossible patients again and I love it. Even If I get a patient that, I am not sure or confident treating, I can call Dr. Frank and he is more than willing in fact he is ecstatic about helping you help that patient. So even if I get that rare patient that I can't get going I can always send them to Dr. Frank and he will get them going and to a level that I can continue to care for them and learn along the way. Fear can do bad things. Natural Healing and Randy's unwavering desire to support you with whatever it takes can and will take away your fears and allow you to be who you were meant to be. Love casts out all fear. Dr. "Gil" Danforth, D.C.


Dr. Gilbert Danforth

Email:     doctord@nts-online.net

The changes are phenomenal and vast. I treat patients of all ages for many different problems some of which took months in the past and I have changed them in days or even hours with Natural Healing. I am so excited my patients are so excited. This week I treated 3 patients with eye problems. one woman couldn't see color or words on the wall we stabilized the rods, cones, optic chiasm, cleared the eye muscles and all of a sudden she says oh that's red and that's blue and that says SUBLUXATION. I have had people's eye sight change in the past, but they were few and far between and it was gradual over time. We took a drug addict several years ago and made lots of changes to help her but we only got so far and she would still take drugs on the weekend. Two days we ran Learning, BOS body optimizing program and Psychologist in a pouch. It changed her countenance and I received a call from her sister who received a phone call on Saturday (she never gets a calls nor has she been able to call her drug addict sister on the weekends because she always gets on the drugs and you don't hear from her again till Monday when she wishes she had not done it) She actually feels like getting well. I have so many stories and I have only been using Natural Healing the last two weeks. Patients and conditions are coming out of the woodworks. Tremendous


Nathan Hackl

Email:     IChooseReality@hotmail.com

Dear Dr. Frank I just wanted to thank on behalf of all my clients. To put it simply without Natural Healing my patients would still have their incurable problems. Natural Healing is amazing and I plan to take it again soon.


Jamie Gallant ND

Email:     jamiejgallant@hotmail.com

I would like to see more info about radionics vials that are used in NH and TBM. How are they made? What is the science behind them? I know these techniques work but I would like to know more about how and why.


Kathy Miller

Email:     JsKat@attbi.com

Dear Dr. Frank,

Thank you so much for helping my family and me. My daughter's multi-chemical sensitivity/environmental illness were tearing us apart. After spending several months and thousands of dollars trying to return her to health, we found you. You talked big, made huge promises, and delivered. Thanks to you Camille is fully functioning, back working (even in the environment where she originally collapsed), and having no issues with any of the multitude of allergens (perfumes, cleaners, exhaust, smoke, etc.), which were previously so toxic to her. Your techniques cleared all her issues so quickly it astounded me. Again, thank you for sharing your marvelous life's work with us; it has done so much in helping return my family to health.


J. Brent Miller

Email:     millerbr@cox.net

Dr. Frank,

I thank you for what you did for my sister; she had Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and environmental illness. Because of this I decided to take your seminar, and have been helping friends for a few weeks now. I have astonished some, and being blown off by others, what can I say...other than I appreciate what you have done for my family and me. You are always welcome to work on us!

Brent Miller