2015 Energy Seminar

This is the Soul part of the Mind, Body and Soul that makes us who and what we are.

Here are some of the Techniques that will be taught:

SeminarType of TechniqueTechniqueAbout
EnergyTechnique3rd EyeThe mind's eye. This opens, fine-tunes (useful for energy workers)
EnergyTechnique7 ChakrasThis aligns the 7 Chakras, to allow for a more fluid flow of energy throughout the body.
EnergyTechniqueHeart ChakraThe Heart Chakra is the link to all of the being.
EnergyTechniqueMind & Body Test TechniqueIt also brings the patient home into the body and locks him/her there for a few minutes so that you can work on the mind, body and soul at one time instead of hunting them down and working one of the three individually.
EnergyTechniqueStress Calming TechniqueThis helps to de-stress and protect the body
EnergyVial13 ChakrasBalancing and reposition all 13 Chakras
EnergyVialAbility Enhancement TechniqueEnhances the chakras to heal and protect body.  This is especially good for bringing back lost psychic abilities.
EnergyVialAnchors and StringsAnchors are attached by others to drag you down and stop you from going forward. Strings are to manipulate you like a puppet. “Someone pulls your strings” or “let me pull some strings.”
EnergyVialChi RaiseUsed to raise the energy in the body.
EnergyVialCreative EmergenceThis gives you the ability to create new ways of thinking and problem solving. Opens up new possibilities to new answers.
EnergyVialDimensional MergingWhat I am seeing is the dimensions are converging to one dimension.  This is causing lots of cross information because each dimension has its own knowledge and it does not always match the one we are in, the energy from the merging dimensions also confuse the body, as well as the knowledge from other Dimensions.
EnergyVialEnergy CommunicationThere are 5 known energy circuits in the body (1, 2, 3, 4 point energy and triune energy). This technique synchronizes all the energy circuits and thereby optimizes the communication between them.
EnergyVialFire in WaterThe phoenix song:  An explosive energy that breaks through strong roadblocks that obstruct the patient’s path to health.
EnergyVialGhost Walk“Controlling Collars”  This technique removes controlling bonds from parents, girlfriends, boyfriends, even children. 
EnergyVialHuman ExperienceFor those who are having trouble acclimating to the rigors (harshness) of life on Earth. 
EnergyVialInaccurate PerceptionThis can help to update the current Perceptions of their Life and Beliefs.
EnergyVialPhysical IntegrationIntegrates all aspects of a person – body, soul, mental, emotional, among others
EnergyVialPresent Time Dimension and SpaceHave you ever woken up and had some or all of your references changed and thought you remembered wrongly and in your dreams you traveled to a different dimension and forgot how to get back to the one you were born to?
EnergyVialRelease TechniqueThis can help release the Spiritual, Emotional, Mental, and Physical bonds that hold the body so they can move on to a new place.
EnergyVialStress Calming VialThis helps to de-stress and protect the body.  This vial is only for a quick fix and does not replace the long version
EnergyVialTelekinesis TechniqueThis technique can start the ability to move objects with your mind (with practice).  It will also add energy to an area of the body that is deficient.
EnergyVialThinking BoggartThe thinking boggart can take on your worst fears. 
EnergyVialTransfer To SourcesThis transfers emotions, thoughts and beliefs that are not authentic to the person back to the originating sources.
EnergyVialVirus System VirusThis technique removes anchors, electro-magnetic fields with consciousness, plus.
EnergyVialVolcanic AshGives energy to the body from Mother Earth (Essences of mother earth.)
EnergyVialVolcanic VibrationThis is the potential energy taken from a volcano in Death Valley.