Natural Healing Emotional Seminar 2016


9 A.M. - 6 P.M., 9 A.M. - 6 P.M., 9 A.M. - 6 P.M. 

Registration will begin at 8:30 A.M.

The Emotional Seminar has been updated and expanded.  It now includes all of my father’s work as he intended, plus the latest critical updates of NHS techniques.  That means a total of approximately 300 techniques.  You, the practitioner will now be able to treat everything from a simple emotion clearing to inherited – DNA - disturbances. The techniques are able to clear in a general way or go micro specific as the treatment warrants.

Updated 04/13/2016

SeminarType of TechniqueTechniqueAbout
EmotionalTechniqueCore Body PointsIf the body is not stable at the core level, then it can shake apart.  This will stabilize the core.
EmotionalTechniqueCore Emotion Point.This adjusts the emotional core of the body.  If the emotions are not in tune at the core level then re-occurring emotional problems can show up
EmotionalTechniqueDr. Victor Frank Emotion PointsThere are 6 Basic types of Emotion, and one attitude, with 3 intensities.
EmotionalTechniqueEmotional AsthmaThis Asthma is Emotionally Induced.
EmotionalTechniqueEmotional MemoryLong-term memory and emotional recall gets stuck and cannot move forward.  Short-term memory and emotional recall gets stuck and cannot move forward.
EmotionalTechniqueEmotional Sequences220 Emotional body points Sequences
EmotionalTechniqueFaith, Confidence, And Belief TechniqueThis is the Faith, Confidence, and Belief that they can do something and balances the three.
EmotionalTechniqueInvasionInvasion is ANY violation of you or your property or privacy.  It can be a robbery, divorce, audit or any violent crime.  Anything that invades your sense of security.
EmotionalTechniqueMaster EmotionMaster Emotion This is the fastest way to fix the Major Emotions when you do not have any vials. 
EmotionalTechniqueShock TechniqueShock is a condition that can be in any organ or all organs.
EmotionalVialAcceptance Of ___Fill in the blank with any issue the body needs to accept.
EmotionalVialAcceptance of LifeThis makes the person accept the facts that their life is what they make it and what they choose affects others and themselves.
EmotionalVialAcceptance Of SelfAllows acceptance of themselves as they really are – free from their perceptions of what others desire or perceive them to be.  
EmotionalVialAnchors and StringsAnchors are attached by others to drag you down and stop you from going forward. Strings are to manipulate you like a puppet. “Someone pulls your strings” or “let me pull some strings.”
EmotionalVialAutomatic Release of All Suppressed Emotions (Arose)This releases deep suppressed emotions that the patient may or may not be aware of.
EmotionalVialBehavioral AdjustmentFor adjusting social behavior.
EmotionalVialBeliefs by Disease and TraumaBelief systems that try to keep disease and trauma active.
EmotionalVialBreakthroughPrimarily developed for people who should be moving forward in life, but things just seem to happen that keep them from doing so (especially healers/light workers).  Also, can be used to “breakthrough” anything that seems to be stuck, or that you know is a problem, but is not showing up (i.e., body points, pain/symptoms, etc.).
EmotionalVialCommon IntegumentEver heard of undigested emotions?  This helps digest them.
EmotionalVialCondition ResponseThis seems to remove the emotional response of a past situation, and allow current situations to be judged on their own merit.
EmotionalVialConnected IslandThis technique is used for allowing patients to be independent and still recognize how they are connected to everyone around them
EmotionalVialControlling BondsThis can remove controlling bonds from parents, girlfriends, boyfriends, even children.
EmotionalVialCore Circle of LifeThis technique allows for clarity in thought and decision-making. 
EmotionalVialCore CommunicationThis connects the communication with the Core and the sensors of the body.
EmotionalVialCore Human Mind DynamicsThis technique works on the mind, not the emotions.  It allows them to look at things in a new way, so that they can have the freedom to change the way they think.
EmotionalVialCore IndependenceThis technique resets the patient’s mental thinking to allow them to think for themselves without outside influence. This allows them to be independent and make decisions that fit their life.
EmotionalVialCore Physical IntegrationIntegrates all aspects of a person – body, soul, mental, emotion, among others – to work as one again.  Part of the adaptation to the ever-changing environment of Earth.
EmotionalVialCore Power WashThis works like a power washer to clean out the deep dirt and then re-sort it to the proper order for the person.
EmotionalVialCore RealityThis makes the body, mind, soul, and emotions face the reality of current life.  This will allow the patient to make changes in their life with current information and not from past events.
EmotionalVialCore ShadowLiving in someone else's Shadow; never feeling/being good enough.
EmotionalVialCore Un-ForgiveThe problem is not in the forgiving, it is in the not forgiving that is stopping the patient from moving on, so we just fix the Un-Forgive.
EmotionalVialCore Wrecking BallThis is like a construction-wrecking ball that in one hit will completely turn the patient’s “building” to dust, keep all of the dust, re-sort it into current life, and then rebuild the “building”.
EmotionalVialCreative EmergenceThis gives you the ability to create new ways of thinking and problem solving. Opens up new possibilities to find answers.
EmotionalVialDeal With ItThis makes you deal with “it”.  No matter where you turn, “it” is right in your face.  Allows you to deal with it, so you can move forward and take action.
EmotionalVialDeath WishThis is one way to work with a patient that has a wish to die, and will not get well.
EmotionalVialDeep Emotional ReleaseReleases Deep Emotions that the patient may or may not know about.
EmotionalVialEarned TrustGives trust to those who have earned it and allows you to trust until they prove otherwise.  This allows you to give a little and see what they do with it. Removes ‘blind faith.’
EmotionalVialEmotional ReleaseReleases emotional blocks
EmotionalVialEmotional SequencesThis will run 220 Emotional body points Sequences automatically for you. You may need to run individual sequence manually if needed.
EmotionalVialEmotional SpasmJust like a muscle cramp the Emotions can cramp as well, and get stuck in an automatic response.
EmotionalVialEnvironmental IntoleranceTreats toxic emotions.
EmotionalVialEye of the TigerWhen you say someone has "the eye of the tiger”, you mean they are focused on winning and not distracted by side issues, or other sympathetic emotions. 
EmotionalVialFearThis helps remove the fear that stops a person from moving forward in life, be it pursuing a lifelong dream, reaching success, happiness, health, etc. 
EmotionalVialFear of LifeHow many patients have a fear of life, enjoying life, and making the most of life? 
EmotionalVialFire in WaterThe phoenix song; an explosive energy that breaks through strong roadblocks that obstruct the patient’s path to health.
EmotionalVialGet Over ItFor those who take things too seriously too long… letting go of the past; stop reacting as if everything will happen the same as in the past.
EmotionalVialGhost Walk“Controlling Collars”.  This technique can remove controlling bonds from parents, girlfriends, boyfriends, even children.  
EmotionalVialInaccurate PerceptionThis can help to update the current Perceptions of their life and Beliefs.
EmotionalVialInner PeaceEmotional technique to calm the inner self.
EmotionalVialIsms (Archive for Reference)Uninstalls the negative impact of childhood and subsequent exposure to alcoholism, workaholics, criticism, or other “isms” (abnormal conditions resulting from an excess of something). Preparation to pay attention to any unique needs one may have.
EmotionalVialItHow many times do we know there is something there but we cannot nail it down to treat? One theory is that it is not just one thing but many parts, so when you have a concept but no words to describe it, it’s called IT
EmotionalVialKnow Thy SelfKnow thy self and be true is one of the hardies things to do but the rewards are great.
EmotionalVialLet It GoThis technique is to allow the patient to become them self, and discover who they are and what they want.
EmotionalVialLife ChangerThis is not for lite of hart, this is for the stubborn patients that just will not move forward. This is what my Andrea call’s hard hitting technique.
EmotionalVialLife ReadjustmentTo Change, modification, rearrangement, alteration, reformation, revision of a person’s life.
EmotionalVialLiving JoyThis lets the patient see the joy of life.
EmotionalVialNegativityAlways Looking at Negative Aspects
EmotionalVialParalyzed WillThis releases the conscious and the subconscious physical, emotional, mental and the spiritual blocks that keep us from moving forward to a new path, regardless of past experiences.
EmotionalVialPassionThis puts passion back into their life and/or the area of focus.
EmotionalVialPerfumeThis combines of all of the perfumes we could find and mixes them so that the technique treats the individual allergies as well as the combinations of them. Perfumes can also be used as a mask to hide someone’s true feelings and problems.
EmotionalVialPower ForwardHave you ever had a patient revert to their old patterns of behavior/emotion, or who is always focused on the past?  This technique allows them to stay focused on the future, creates new set points, and does not allow them to waiver, reconsider or revisit the old stories/justifications that kept them from moving forward.
EmotionalVialPure LoveThis re-establishes the human love energy.
EmotionalVialR.S.D.C.U.Rebuild, Sort (Search), Defrag, Correlate, Update memory and function.
EmotionalVialReleaseThis can help release the Spiritual, Emotional, Mental, and Physical bonds that hold the body so they can move on to a new place. 
EmotionalVialReprogramReprogram life habits that are harmful to themselves and/or others around them.
EmotionalVialSeasonal Affective DisorderHelps correct symptoms caused by seasonal changes (shorter days in the winter and less sunlight), such as mood swings, depression, increased sleep and carbohydrate cravings. 
EmotionalVialSelf-DestructThis is for the patients that acquire new problems just as you are about to say they are great and you are done, they find some way to get hurt again.
EmotionalVialSelf-InvasionThese self-inflicted problems do to guilt or other life experiences.
EmotionalVialSelf-Love / Self-WorthThe bottom line cause of most physical, mental and emotional illness is a lack of self-love and self-worth. 
EmotionalVialSelf-WorthIncreases your feelings of worthiness to have health and happiness in your life
EmotionalVialSet Long-Term GoalsThis allows the patient to set and achieve goals, helping them to feel better about themselves and also making them able to look to the future positively.
EmotionalVialSweet Love / Sweet JoyThis allows the patient to see the sweetness of life
EmotionalVialTransfer To SourcesThis transfers emotions, thoughts and beliefs that are not authentically yours back to the originating sources.
EmotionalVialVirus Self-Immolation VirusSacrifice oneself to get attention – self-sabotage: program
EmotionalVialVirus Thinking BoggartThe Thinking Boggart can take on your worst fears.  Whatever you fear in health, this can be the problem. Check this vial if what you normally do does not work.
EmotionalVialVirus Zeta VirusSuicide virus. Used in Chem trails. Check periodically (monthly) to see if it is showing up – it does not run off the menu.
EmotionalVialWaking The TigerThis technique releases the body/mind from the “freeze response” initiated by a life-threatening traumatic experience (real or perceived), and any resulting PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder). 
EmotionalVialWall BusterTo break down the walls that are stopping you and people around you from enjoying all of life.
EmotionalVialWillpowerThis will help to rebuild the patients Willpower
EmotionalVialYour Inherent Foundational NatureThis reestablishes your foundational nature. This is the core of the body’s functions.
EmotionalVialYour WellnessSupports the mind, body, soul, and Emotions for moving forward to sustaining wellness.