The Basics of Natural Healing System

9AM - 6 P.M., 9 A.M. - 6 P.M. 

Registration will begin at 8:30 A.M.

This is the foundation for all other Natural Healing Seminars. We have updated the seminar to include so of my Fathers work as well as updates to other techniques, with new vials

All of the Vials have been updated to 2016 (they are the same and work with the 2011 through 2016) so you do not need to get a new set unless you want them all to have the same date. we also have added new vials and techniques to the basic because we found that these where needed to be in the first seminar so you can treat the current cases.

Here is a list of some information that you will learn

2016 Updated

SeminarType of TechniqueTechniqueAbout
BasicTechniqueAllostatic FinishedThe Allostatic Finished test is the body's way of letting you know that:
(a) The body as a whole is finished (in the clear,) or
(b) A specific technique is finished, or
(c) You have all of the required elements of a sequence
BasicTechniqueCarbohydrate MetabolismThis Technique is for how the body metabolizes Carbohydrates
BasicTechniqueEasy Copper AllergyMany patients have a copper allergy that only allows them to sip water not drink it.
BasicTechniqueEasy Water AllergiesIf they are allergic to water, then run this technique.
BasicTechniqueFat MetabolismThe function of Metabolizing Fat's
BasicTechniqueFirst Visit for New PatientsThe first thing you do on every new patient.  
BasicTechniqueGall BladderControls: Joints and Decision-Making
BasicTechniqueKidneyExcretion of waste products, Regulation of salt and water content and acidity of body fluids, Secretion of rennin, which controls blood pressure, stimulates red cell production
BasicTechniqueLiverControls: Main Detox, Eyes, Muscles, Nails, Hair, and Anger
BasicVialLymphatic SystemsThis works on the entire Lymphatic system from movement to the Lymphatic Juices, the Uptake and Down take plus braking down and building up the Immune Systems. This is one of many waste disposal systems and first response systems. This is helping with any Detox and Chronic Problems, so far.
BasicTechniqueMeat Level TestingThis technique tests for the level of red meat storage that is present and available to the patient. In addition, it helps determine the correct amount of red meat that should be consumed in the patient’s normal diet. 
BasicTechniqueOptimizeMy own research has linked it with thinking and the Pituitary gland.
BasicTechniquePinealIt has been determined that melatonin directly affects the hypothalamus and encourage the release of some releasing agents. Others have speculated that melatonin directly impacts the sleep cycle. Too much melatonin has been proven to delay the initial onset of puberty. 
BasicTechniquePituitaryThoughts, Growth Hormone Production, Production of Hormones That Act on Other Endocrine Glands, Production of Hormones That Act on the Muscles and the Kidneys, Endocrine Function Regulation, and Storage of Hormones Produced by the Hypothalamus
BasicTechniquePoisonThis is a point for dealing with Poisons, if you have to deal with it specifically
BasicTechniqueProtein MetabolismThe function of Metabolizing Protein's
BasicTechniqueReset TechniqueThis technique will reset the programs in the body that promote optimal health. After the first visit, this is the first thing you check on every patient.  This saves you from hunting what I call ghosts from systems that have become confused and cross-linked.  This Resets the body so that it can now see the problems, then auto-corrects many of them for you.
BasicTechniqueSecond Visit and Future VisitsThis second visit resets everything that promotes good health, and ensures that the body is up and running so that it can self-regulate which will save you a lot of work.  
BasicTechniqueSelfSelf: controls the communication to and from the organs, the body and the brain.  Self can be used to correct any other functions including other body points that do not hold.
BasicTechniqueStress Calming TechniqueA technique to de-stress a patients or system
BasicTechniqueSugar MetabolismThe function of Metabolizing Sugars
BasicTechniqueSynergistic MetabolismThe function of Metabolizing as one unit
BasicTechniqueToxicityInvolved in all allergies and infections. This is if you have to deal with it specifically.
BasicTechniqueTraveler’s Water AdaptationTo be used to help someone adapt to the local water composition when traveling.  This will neither remove nor harmonize pathogens in contaminated water…use common sense!
BasicVialBody Optimizing System (B.O.S.)Update to every synapse of the whole body: mental, physical, and communication matrix, Neurological systems, both CNS and PNS. 
BasicVialCaustic MoldCaustic Mold works on most if not all molds in our environment. These molds may cause a form of asthma to coughing, vomiting, stomachaches, sore throat, runny nose, stomach cramps and dizziness even organ failure.
BasicVialCommon  IntegumentDr. Victor L. Frank, N.M.D., D.C., D.O. requested this vial to simplify the TBM technique.  This is because of the enormous amount of combinations between all organs and their sibling rivalries (5,000 plus).  This vial runs through the combinations and corrects them.  This technique also works on digesting things such as food, emotions, infections, tumors, toxins, etc. In addition, this vial supports the digestion of GMO foods.
BasicVialCopperFor treating Water Allergies
BasicVialEnvironmental IntoleranceAll patients have toxins and poisons to some degree.
BasicVialFlu Like Biological _____This is for any flu type symptoms and colds.  This very complicated technique was created in a vial for you, through a joint effort between TBM and Natural Healing.
BasicVialMyofascial TechniqueTreats spasms in muscles or organs.  Also works with the soft-tissue component of Fibromyalgia.
BasicVialNanobot Re-ProgramCurrent symptomology includes but not limited to Sinus, Lung, respiratory, coughing (nonproductive) also digestive typically transverse and descending colon, loss of appetite with constipation or diarrhea. Symptoms may also include redness around the eye soft tissue and symptoms of allergies.
BasicVialParalyzed WillThis releases the conscious and the subconscious physical, emotional, mental and the spiritual blocks that keep us from moving forward, irrelevant to the past experience.
BasicVialPractice____This is so you can practice a technique and not treat it.
BasicVialRejuvenationThis vial is for rejuvenating injured or malfunctioning systems, organs and other areas to optimum vitality.
BasicVialTechnique Natural HealingThis is for first visit and First Aid, and has all of Natural Healing techniques and concepts in one vial.
BasicVialUniversal Learning Assimilation Distribution And / OrThe purpose of this technique is to increase the memory recall and comprehension, and to allow the body to learn how to heal itself.   So far, we have obtained an increase in memory and comprehension.
BasicVialVirus SystemThis technique removes anchors, electro-magnetic fields with consciousness, plus.
BasicVialWaking The TigerThis technique releases the body/mind from the “freeze response” initiated by a life-threatening traumatic experience (real or perceived), and any resulting PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder).  It awakens the tiger in the patient, allowing them to stand up for themselves and no longer hide in a corner - bringing their self-worth to the surface.
BasicVialWater WorksHelps the body to use water, and supports drinking the required amount (1 quart/liter per 50 lbs./ 24 kilo + 2.)