About the Natural Healing Logo

Black symbolizes death

Violet is cleansing

Blue is calming

Green is healing

Yellow is optimal health


The square represents the tunnel of health.  Anything outside of yellow is disease.  The pyramid is guided energy calming and healing the body back to optimal health.

Energy Logo

After several discussions with those close to me and who know where I am coming from as well as what the image means to me, we think it would be best to put an explanation with this image, since it is different to that of my normal Natural Healing Logo.

The person who knew them from the meditation classes and he drew this in a meditated trance in 5 minutes with his eyes closed the entire time. This was his interpretation of what he saw of Mom and Dad.

The artist said it represented mom, dad, and the work that they did at that time in their lives.  When my father died Feb 08, 2010, I got this picture and it has always held a special place for me. To me this has a lot of memories that make, laugh, smile and even daydream.

For me this represents the warrior that keeps us safe and protects the innocent or unknowing of the spiritual realms.  There are too many meanings represented in this picture that words cannot describe so if you look at it with an open mind you can see more of the true meaning of it.

We could go into what aspects of it we like but it would not serve any purpose. I use this image, (not as a logo, just an image) as a reminder of those times when we were learning. Be patient, be kind, be watchful, stay positive, be guarded, be protective, nourish those around and always use your higher energy, not others.

At the time the portrait was done of my parents, they were teaching meditation classes. This information is close to our hearts and the basics of our training to do the things we do and our ability to listen to information from different sources.

Our parents had taught methods that opened and trained all of our other senses.  Some of the same exercises we learned as children are now being taught and passed on to others.  We learned how to meditate, how to create our garden, how to find and listen to our guides, how to protect ourselves using energy.  We also learned how to astral-travel.

Their class included games that were fun to do and some people could to things better than others did.  For instance, my sister was very envious that I could astral-travel to a beach somewhere, and you could watch me get a tan, and she could not.  However, one of her best talent’s was a game where at the beginning of a class everyone would put something small but personal in a brown paper bag, at the end of the class the bag would be passed and each person would take something out and not look at it.  You would hold that item in your hand and then tap into the energy of that item and tell something about that person past or current and then take it to the person.  This game gave her the ability to be a fantastic empath. 

Even though, the image of the male is depicted as king, a soldier and a protector, in a sense that is true to some level. Remember, the portrait was the arties vision of mom and dad while in a trance like state.  

To us we see dad as a protector, a guide and a savior, not King, or warrior.  We know without a doubt, that under his vigilance we are safe when we are doing any type of energy work or meditation. 

We know from experience that you have to have someone who is ever watching all that is going on, when you have a group of people entering into the energy realm at one time.  Some have limited experience while others have none at all.  Anytime you open a window to another realm there is a chance of a negative energy to test your boundaries’.  Therefore, he was the figure standing guard and making sure no harm came to those under his care.  While mom took on the role of Clairvoyant. 

Even as TBM grew very few ever took Module 4.  It was during that course you were taught to meditate, to go inside yourself and find not only your body’s computer but also learn to travel to your healing place and learn to talk to your guides.  Module 4 was a more private and intimate setting.

Even though the energy seminar is still a part of Natural Healing, it is definitely in a realm of its own.  In this class, we are teaching you to feel, manifest and control sending energy, and several NHS techniques that help your patients with energy problems even if you do not have the skills to deal with it.

In Energy work: there are rules that have to be followed, a code of ethics if you would. Like any good teacher, sensei, leader you have to have an image that supports that role.  Everyone must believe you have the authority, power, and skill to enforce those rules.

Stories about dad

Dad started teaching me energy and adjusting at around 3yrs. old. He would have me walk up and down his back and feel with my feet the high spots then tell me to jump on it with my heals, then it was level again. He would say when I jump put my energy (or now called chi) in my heels and direct it to what I want to do.

Dad had a house call with one of his patients and I got to go with him, it was always a big deal for me to watch dad work. This time dad wanted me to help; you can imagine how excited I was.  He told me to grab her feet and send energy through her and fill her up, so I did and dad said not so fast slow it down now pulse it, as I did so then said, see that black spot now hit it with a laser and burn it up. I did then dad said change the energy to green to heal the burn and sooth it.


Dad never said how to do it just do it! I asked him years later in my forty’s why he only said do and not how, he said we all do it different so the way I do it will not work for you. You have to find your own way to get the job done. Then it is yours to use and change to fit what you need.