2016 Doctor Seminar

The Doctor’s Seminar has information to treat conditions where it may be necessary to consult for legal reasons, outside monitoring, etc. Updates, additional techniques and my Father’s work are now included in this seminar.  The information included is designed to activate those conditions the Basic Seminar does not address and/or the patient needs deeper stimulation.  

Here are some of the techniques you will learn (Updated 4/6/2016)

SeminarType of TechniqueTechniqueAbout
DoctorsTechnique2 UterusesIf there are 2 Uterus’s and they are out of sync, then this explains heavy bleeding twice a month.
DoctorsTechniqueAdhesionsThis can help remove and repair Adhesions.
DoctorsTechniqueAir Pressure Sensor PointThis normalizes the air pressure in the body and the lungs.
DoctorsTechniqueAllergic ResponseMany things are allergenic, for example, the wind which may be seasonal (i.e. bring different allergens at different times of the year) and directional (i.e. bring different allergens when blowing from different directions).  Beware of soaps, detergents and fabric softeners, as these are often sources of allergies.  Allergies will not recur if fixed directly unless the patient has a severe emotional or physical trauma.
DoctorsTechniqueAllergies Simple CorrectionsThis is the original short allergy correction.
DoctorsTechniqueAllergy CopperMany patients have a copper allergy that only allows them to sip water not drink it.
DoctorsTechniqueAllergy Environmental IntoleranceEver heard of the phrase: The straw the broke the camel’s back?  The body is so toxic that one little toxin more causes a reaction the body cannot deal with, hence Allergies. Because I believe allergies are just toxicities to the body, and by reducing the toxins they no longer react to the allergens. Environmental Intolerance eliminates most of the patient’s toxins which there for reduces or eliminates the allergies.  
DoctorsTechniqueAllergy InhalationThis can happen there is a change in the air. An offshore breeze, change in altitude, flying, even a storm front can cause this.
DoctorsTechniqueAllergy MedicationTreat all medications as allergies.  This tends to allow the good parts to be used and seems to reduce the negative side effects. When you fix the drug insulin as an allergy, the vision of diabetic patients suffering RPT blindness tends to improve in most cases.  Everybody should be treated for penicillin.
DoctorsTechniqueAllergy OptimizeAfter you have run EI and the patient is still reactive to the Allergen.
DoctorsTechniqueAllergy OrgansIf Self did not correct the allergen, then find the individual Organ.
There are 8 common organs or glands that are involved in allergies.
DoctorsTechniqueAllergy SelfIf Optimize did not correct the allergen, then use Self.
DoctorsTechniqueAllergy WindSome patients react to the winds coming from different directions and seasons.
DoctorsTechniqueAllostatasis Allostasis is the term used for the protective, coordinated and adaptive physiological reactions that sustain homeostasis in the body.  Three interdependent systems are involved in this super system: neural, endocrine and immune. The coordination of these systems allows the body to negotiate its environment, adapt in real time, mount emergency responses and recover from those responses.  When the Allostatic super system becomes deregulated, it can lead to such illnesses as chronic pain, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue.
DoctorsTechniqueAllostatic OptimizationAllostasis is the term used for the protective, coordinated and adaptive physiological reactions that sustain homeostasis in the body. 
DoctorsTechniqueAltitude Adjustment TechniqueThis technique adjusts for too high or too low altitude and works on shock waves.
DoctorsTechniqueAmalgam PoisoningMercury permeates the tooth and jaw.  Even after the fillings are removed, the residual mercury will give a positive reading.
DoctorsTechniqueAneurysmBasic Aneurysm Point.
DoctorsTechniqueAntidoteThe antidote may be used to stop the symptoms of a DRAIN.  It does not stop the drain itself.
DoctorsTechniqueArrhythmia 4 Quadrant TechniqueThis is a way to test the individual valves of the heart to see if they are getting the proper electrical impulses.  This is not the master arrhythmia point. Four types of valves regulate blood flow through your heart:
DoctorsTechniqueArrhythmia Master PointThis is the Master Arrhythmia Point.  This is for the full heart. There is a malfunction of the "Cardiac Brain,” of which there may be four.
DoctorsTechniqueAttention Deficit Disorder (ADD)This use to be mostly a Sugar control issue and in today’s world it is now also drug induced as well.
DoctorsTechniqueAuditory RetentionThis is for understanding and retaining what is heard.
DoctorsTechniqueAuto-Immune SuppressedThirty minutes in a hospital will cause some suppression of the autoimmune system.
DoctorsTechniqueAuto-Immune SwitchThis is when the patient gets over a flu and then gets another one, in an endless cycle.
DoctorsTechniqueAwareness PointsIt is used to make the brain aware of a change that has taken place in the body as the result of a correction.
DoctorsTechniqueBacteria PointManually test for Bacteria.
DoctorsTechniqueBilateral Anterior PelvisThis is for a pelvis that has moved Anterior Bilaterally.
DoctorsTechniqueBlood PointThis point works with blood production and blood problems.
DoctorsTechniqueBlood PressureThis is a short version to Dr. Victor Frank's Blood Pressure Technique
DoctorsTechniqueBody FluidsThis is for all of the fluids in the body.
DoctorsTechniqueBrain StemThis works on the 3 parts of the Brain Stem as one or in all 15 combinations.
DoctorsTechniqueCardiac Low BackThe patient experiences low back pain instead of heart attack. Pathognomonic sign is an anterior lean while walking or standing and/or the statement, "I know my limitations."  (Self-limitation—they stop before the pain develops.)
DoctorsTechniqueCerebral Spinal Fluid PressureThis is a way to test the pressure of the cerebral spinal fluid.
DoctorsTechniqueCirculationThere are 6 parts of circulation.
DoctorsTechniqueColor Blindness TechniqueThis fixes color blindness.
DoctorsTechniqueCommon Integument (Manually)This system runs in both directions giving approximately 44 combinations in each direction, up and down.
DoctorsTechniqueComplexingYou may hook various connected body functions into a Complex.  Add Poison and Toxicity to the complex and finish with Allostatic Finished.
DoctorsTechniqueContact DermatitisContact dermatitis is usually caused by detergents and fabric softeners. Have your patient bring in their Soaps, Shampoos, Conditioners, Detergents, and Fabric Softeners, etc.  Keep a sample for your own set so you can treat the next patient with the same products.
DoctorsTechniqueCorpus Callosum (Front) It connects the left and right cerebral hemispheres and facilitates interhemispheric communication.
DoctorsTechniqueCorpus Callosum (Rear)This re-establishes proper communication within the brain.
DoctorsTechniqueDeoxyribonucleic acid Point (DNA)DNA is the Core program for body development and replication of cells.  This is used to re-establish the original program of the body.
DoctorsTechniqueDyslexiaWe have seen 2 and 3 grade jumps in two weeks after this procedure.
DoctorsTechniqueEyes In Distortion (E.I.D.)This is a habitual positional problem and indicates a body function shutdown.
DoctorsTechniqueFabere Spine (Hibbs)Patient with disc problem = antalgic posture.
DoctorsTechniqueFat DietFor severe nervous systems disorders
DoctorsTechniqueFlu-Like 1961 Holiday FluUsually stress-induced (physical, emotional or financial).  It is normal to see this around end of October though Middle of January (the Holiday Season)
DoctorsTechniqueFlu-Like 1972 Common Cold  Deals with the 5 types of Common Colds.
DoctorsTechniqueFlu-Like 1979 Yucky FluThis is you feel like you’re going to vomit but you do not, you just feel yucky.  This also works on Ulcers, Dyspepsia, Bloating, and over eating.
DoctorsTechniqueFlu-Like 1980 Reproductive Sore ThroatThis is for any sore throat, no matter what the lab say. we have seen if you take a sample of the throat, then correct it and take another sample right after the correction, the first one has all kinds of massive infections and the second one has normal readings.  The most common sore throat comes off the reproductive system.
DoctorsTechniqueFlu-Like 1980 SinusitisThe most common form of sinusitis is reproductive.
DoctorsTechniqueFlu-Like 1982 Firey FluGreat Toe Lymphatic to "open the door.”
DoctorsTechniqueFlu-Like 1983 P.M.S. ColdP.M.S. cold is one of the more common problems to arise out of P.M.S. so you want to check it routinely.
DoctorsTechniqueFlu-Like 1983 P.M.S. FluThis is a Flu covered up by PMS.
DoctorsTechniqueFlu-Like 1984 Universal FluThis covers from 800-900 of the various combinations of flu available.  Most flu has the same symptoms, but may need different corrections.
DoctorsTechniqueFlu-Like 1985 Parathyroid FluThe symptom of achiness of a flu or cold.
DoctorsTechniqueFlu-Like 1986 Lymphatics FluHere are several Lymphatic point flu’s
DoctorsTechniqueFlu-Like 1988 E.M.S. CholeraThis Flu combines EMS with Cholera.
DoctorsTechniqueFlu-Like 1999 Pervasive FluThis is an electromagnetic harp broadcast problem.  This is not an immediate correction. These problems will usually leave within 2-10 hours.
DoctorsTechniqueFlu-Like 2005 Tsunami FluThis flu shows up after any big floods in the world.
DoctorsTechniqueFlu-Like 2012 Radiation UpdateThis is the new correction for radiation levels in the world today. In Germany, we are seeing a lot of Radiation Poisoning, and this is what we are doing to treat it with great results.
DoctorsTechniqueFlush (In 8 Hours)This is a way to do a fast Chelation without the drugs or Herbs.  You allow the body to do it.  Do not! Let the Patient go far from a restroom for in about 8 Hours, they will have to go and go now (in most cases).
DoctorsTechniqueFlush TechniqueFlush is a way to direct the Poisons and Toxins to the end of the Colon, so the entire system does not have to deal with these Poisons and Toxins. 
DoctorsTechniqueFree RadicalsThis procedure neutralizes those free radicals present in the body at the time of correction only.
DoctorsTechniqueFungus & YeastThis is for some of the new strains
DoctorsTechniqueFungus Or YeastNOT Candidia—that is a mold problem. This is for the common strains.
DoctorsTechniqueGasThis helps with Gas production is too high.
DoctorsTechniqueGlaucomaThis technique can reduce the ocular pressure from 14-80 points and restore vison.
DoctorsTechniqueGravity Flux TechniqueThe gravity is fluctuating due to the planetary alignments, causing fatigue and weak autoimmune systems.
DoctorsTechniqueHearing ProblemsThis helps with hearing problems.
DoctorsTechniqueHeavy Metal ToxicityHeavy metal poisoning is very common and very serious.  It is one of the major causes of degenerative disease.  Our daily life is one of constant exposure to toxicity from the heavy metals.  The patient can get the problem repeatedly.
DoctorsTechniqueHormone ToxicitySymptoms: Pre-eclampsia symptoms like elevated blood pressure, headaches, and Vision distortions flat surfaces appear elevated, proteins in urine, organ enzymes in the blood indicating damage.
DoctorsTechniqueHormonesThis technique can balance the hormones in the body, back to optimal levels.
DoctorsTechniqueIntoleranceThis helps with any intolerance the body may have.
DoctorsTechniqueIn-UteroSome of the more severe problems that do not seem to correct or have a direct, findable cause, may be the product of inheritance from mother or grandmother during gestation.
DoctorsTechniqueKidney 5-Point This is one more sub-function of the kidneys, this does not show up very often but when it does, it usually the big piece to the picture.
DoctorsTechniqueLevels of FunctionLevels enable a detailed examination of one function and only one function.
DoctorsTechniqueLight and Dark Vision TechniqueThis fixes Light & Dark blindness.
DoctorsTechniqueLipomaThis can reduce and eliminate Lipoma’s.
DoctorsTechniqueLiver PointThe liver is one of two organs the body cannot live without.  The liver can reproduce 90% of itself (like a lizard’s tail.)
DoctorsTechniqueLiver Point (Lower)The lower liver has been on Dad’s Symptom Chart from the beginning, but never said where it was.  I needed the point to help a patient so I went looking.  We are finding it works independent and together with the liver for more deep Detoxing so far.
DoctorsTechniqueLupusLupus is the result of the patients being allergic to their own blood.
DoctorsTechniqueLymphatic PointsHere are some Lymphatic points if you need the individual problems.
DoctorsTechniqueLymphatic SystemsThis works on the entire Lymphatic system from movement to the Lymphatic Juices, the Uptake and Down take plus braking down and building up the Immune Systems. This is one of many waste disposal systems and first response systems. This is helping with any Detox and Chronic Problems, so far.
DoctorsTechniqueMaking SoleHow to make Sole
DoctorsTechniqueManufacturing Products TechniqueThis technique will allow the body to make any product that it needs. 
DoctorsTechniqueMeat Level Testing TechniqueThis technique tests for the level of red meat storage that is present and available to the patient. In addition, it helps determine the correct amount of red meat that should be consumed in the patient’s normal diet.
DoctorsTechniqueMenopauseBoth the direction of the test and the correction for menopause are the opposite of the test and correction procedures for PMS.  This occurs in both men and women.
DoctorsTechniqueMetabolismThe different parts of Metabolism’s.
DoctorsTechniqueMold PointThis is for general Mold problems.
DoctorsTechniqueMyelin SheathThis helps to rehydrate and rebuild the Myelin Sheath.
DoctorsTechniqueNecrosisThis is not Death. Just an improper amount of die off.
DoctorsTechniqueNH AllergiesYou can only treat 3 allergens at one time, then wait 2 hours and you can do 3 more allergies.
DoctorsTechniqueNH AwarenessThis is similar to Dr. Victor Frank’s Awareness but you tap all parts and hold the last.  This treats the awareness as one unit not just a bunch of parts.
DoctorsTechniqueOxygen SaturationThis resets the oxygen and carbon dioxide utilization to optimal ratio.
DoctorsTechniqueP.M.S.This has to do with the monthly changes in the emotional and physiological status of both men and women.  The cycle is 32-36 days, not the 28-day cycle of menses. 
DoctorsTechniqueParasite Points UpdateThis point treats the parasite though its entire life cycle past the 26 mutations that we know about
DoctorsTechniqueParasites And WormsA common source of worms, particularly the type that infest cats, is from flea bites.
DoctorsTechniqueParticleForeign Objects.
DoctorsTechniquePelvic LockupThis is for pelvises that just will not stabilize.
DoctorsTechniquePhosphoric AcidPhosphoric Acid is one of the results of low Hydrochloric Acid.
DoctorsTechniquePoisonThis is a point for dealing with Poisons, if you have to deal with it specifically
DoctorsTechniqueProtein Utilization ProblemThere is a second protein utilization mechanism in the body.  When this is faulty, the patient is not able to utilize meat protein.
DoctorsTechniquePyloric SpasmThis is the first thing that goes wrong in ulcers.  A hiatal hernia patient who has shown an unstable response may need to be treated for Pyloric Spasm.
DoctorsTechniqueR.T. 3The Test and Correction for Rt 3 Varies from Our Normal Way of Testing.
DoctorsTechniqueRadiation Burn TechniqueRadiation Burn is more than just a burn; it is as severe as Radiation Burn coupled with sunburn.
DoctorsTechniqueRadiation ProtectionThis technique can protect against most radiations: Flying, Lights, Computers, etc.
DoctorsTechniqueReproduction 1This is an element in the triad of checks for sterility, both male and female.
DoctorsTechniqueReproduction 2This is the third element in the triad of sterility and is the ultimate correction for Blood Pressure.
DoctorsTechniqueReproduction 3This is the 3rd part of the reproduction system that we have found so far.
DoctorsTechniqueResinToxic broken-down protein.
DoctorsTechniqueRibonucleic acid Point (RNA)RNA is the Core Messenger for body development and replication of cells.  This is used to clean up the original program message for the Mitochondria Cells of the body.
DoctorsTechniqueSalt MetabolismWe all know that salt is needed to keep healthy and the salt balances the electrolytes in the body, if they are not being utilized the body cannot function properly.
DoctorsTechniqueSciaticaThis is one of the old timer corrections for Sciatica Pain.
DoctorsTechniqueShock TechniqueShock is a condition that can be in any organ or all organs.
DoctorsTechniqueSinusFor Sinus problems that will not go away.
DoctorsTechniqueSinusFor Sinus problems that will not go away
DoctorsTechniqueSlimeAny mucus accumulation can be a Slime problem.
DoctorsTechniqueSomaThis technique is used to search for something.
DoctorsTechniqueSporesYou can check for spores in the body.
DoctorsTechniqueSubmarine Radio WavesThe radio waves to communicate with Submarines also interferes with the body.
DoctorsTechniqueSugar Intercellular Vs. Intracellular Sugar PoisoningIntracellular sugar poisoning is just like running sugar poisoning except the points are along the clavical instead of the trap muscle and it is dealing with sugar inside the cell as opposed to blood sugar which is extracellular.
DoctorsTechniqueSugar TestingThis sequence tells you where the problem is so you run though all 3 test without correcting.  The first 2 leg test only gets you to check for a 2 percent sugar problem.  If the 2 percent is weak then you correct it.  Then you go back and recheck the legs to see if they are involved.
DoctorsTechniqueSun Poison TechniqueFor severe sunburns: to the point of vomiting.
DoctorsTechniqueSunburn PreventionThis technique helps with preventing sunburns.  It may be fun, but it’s still the sun, be careful and use the technique.
DoctorsTechniqueSunburn TechniqueThis technique works on all types of Burns, from the sun to any heat source.
DoctorsTechniqueSystem Limbic System TechniqueSurvival system and the gateway to the psychic
DoctorsTechniqueThinking BoggartThe Thinking Boggart can take on your worst fears.  Whatever you fear in health this can be the problem if what you normally do does not work.
DoctorsTechniqueToxic Fat ProductionFat is not from food but from emotional flight fight.  When the body is in the flight it shuts down the digestion and stores the food in long sugar chains that the body uses for the run away from the danger.  It the body does not use it right then the body cannot use it later and become toxic.  In today’s world we are not running from bears and such but from bills and other fears that the body does not see the difference.
DoctorsTechniqueToxicityInvolved in all allergies and infections. This is if you have to deal with it specifically.
DoctorsTechniqueTumor Reduction TechniqueThis technique will reduce/dissolve any enlarged malformation.
DoctorsTechniqueUrinary TractFunctionally there are five kidneys, five ureters and one bladder, producing a myriad of possible combinations and tests.
DoctorsTechniqueValley TechniqueThe Valley may take one body function and spread it out, giving the doctor access to subtler activities in that function.
DoctorsTechniqueVerbal Communication ControlThis helps with huff and mouth disease.
DoctorsTechniqueVirus PointsThis test point is for the basic Viruses.
DoctorsTechniqueVisual RetentionThis is for Retaining Visual information.
DoctorsTechniqueVoiceThis is a technique for improving a singer’s voice or any voice problem.
DoctorsTechniqueWater ResonanceThis point allows the body to resonate with the water so that the body can use it appropriately.
DoctorsTechniqueWellness Point TechniqueGets the body to accept being in a healthy or healing condition.
DoctorsVial16.6 NematodeFor Manually correction 16.6 Sugar
DoctorsVial16.6 Sugar TechniqueFor Auto correction of 16.6 Sugar
DoctorsVialA.S.I.R.Antibiotic Suppressed Immune Recurrent.  Many "new" conditions are truly Re-occurring old problems treated with antibiotics, especially venereal diseases, TB and pneumonia.
DoctorsVialAluminumAnyone with Alzheimer’s disease should be screened for Aluminum.  Aluminum tends to freeze or irritate nerve endings, producing spasm and contracture.  Detoxification can cause flulike symptoms with back and kidney pain as in Cadmium detox, and mental confusion as in advanced Alzheimer’s
DoctorsVialArsenicPeople don't realize how common an Arsenic toxicity is.  Arsenic produces a generalized toxicity involving the digestive system.  Detoxification can cause severe headache. There can be involvement of the fourth ventricle.  Adjust CSF to prevent the headache problem.  Arsenic and Lead seem to pair up quite frequently and may need to be treated individually and combined on the same visit.
DoctorsVialArthritisThis works on reducing any arthritis.
DoctorsVialBiological _____ (Basic Set)This is for any flu type symptoms and colds.  This very complicated technique was created in a vial for you, through a joint effort between Dr. Victor Frank and Natural Healing. This technique works on all flu and cold symptoms, including the Chem-Trails.
DoctorsVialBloodFor treating blood related problems.
DoctorsVialBlood Brain Barrier RepairThis helps repair and restore function to the barrier.
DoctorsVialBlood WasteFor treating conditions related to blood toxicity and poisons.
DoctorsVialBody Optimizing System Program Vial (B.O.S.) (Basic Set)Optimizes the body’s entire neurological systems (both CNS and PNS). Update to every synapse of the whole body mental and physical and communication matrix.
DoctorsVialBrain RestorationIndication: Brain Structure, Mind Brain Interface/communication, Brain/Nervous System Regeneration…
DoctorsVialBrown Recluse Spider TechniqueThe Natural Healing technique is able to reverse the damage from old bites (The TBM vial will work only if they have just been bitten). The vial also works on any Neurological toxins.
DoctorsVialCadmiumCadmium is easily detoxified.  Detoxification symptoms can be flulike with generalized back pain or kidney pain.  Cadmium will destroy the kidneys eventually, resulting in hypertension.
DoctorsVialCarbohydrate ToleranceThis increases the capacity to eat carbohydrates while sustaining an intact sugar control mechanism
DoctorsVialCascade EffectsThis is the cascade effects from illness of all types. This can help restore the Body, Mind, Soul, and Emotion back to a healthy state.
DoctorsVialCaustic Mold (Basic Set)Caustic Mold works on most if not all molds in our environment. (These molds may cause a form of asthma to coughing, vomiting, stomachaches, sore throat, runny nose, stomach cramps and dizziness even organ failure).
DoctorsVialCellular Immunity (T-Cell System)This procedure may be used alone (to check the programming within the cellular immunity system) or with a specific pathogen.  You must ask the body which system is involved (B-cell or T-cell) when treating a specific infection or allergy.
DoctorsVialCogitatio BacteriaThinking Bacteria
DoctorsVialCogitatio Myelin Encephalitis 150+ The Nanites have combined Myelin Encephalitis and the 150+ strains. 
DoctorsVialCogitatio ParasitusThinking Parasite (Self is the only Correction)
DoctorsVialCogitatio VirusThinking Virus
DoctorsVialCommon Integument (Basic Set)Dr. Victor L. Frank, N.M.D., D.C., D.O. requested this vial to simplify the TBM technique.  This is because of the enormous amount of combinations between all organs and their sibling rivalries (5,000 plus).  This vial runs through the combinations and corrects them.  This technique also works on digesting things such as food, emotions, infections, tumors, toxins, etc. In addition, this vial supports the digestion of GMO foods.
DoctorsVialEnvironmental Intolerance (Basic Set)Environmental Intolerance (EI) vial eliminates most of a patient’s allergies.  I believe allergies are a hyper-reaction of the body to toxins.  By reducing the toxins, there is no longer a need for the body to react to the substance as allergens. Ever heard of the phrase: “the straw the broke the camel’s back”?  The body is so toxic that one little toxin more causes a reaction the body cannot deal with, hence allergies. Environmental Intolerant patients are one of the hardest cases to deal with because the body is toxic and as well as their mental thinking.  E.I. Patients take a lot of work to mentally support them.
DoctorsVialEssiac HerbHave the body make this herb and others by putting the vial on the body and use the Manufacture Technique.
DoctorsVialFlu-Like 1978 Asis FluThis Flu comes off the ASIS.
DoctorsVialFlu-Like 1982 A.B.D./C.B.D.The Acute Bronchial Disease and Chronic Bronchial Disease.  These conditions are also respiratory diseases.
DoctorsVialFlu-Like 1982 Acid Fog This problem causes a bronchial-tracheal inflammation, which causes difficult breathing.
DoctorsVialFlu-Like 1982 Canadian PolioThis is vectorborne.
DoctorsVialFlu-Like 1982 Chilly FluThis flu is characterized by chills as well as the other symptoms of flu.
DoctorsVialFlu-Like 1992 Flu Vial (Sars Virus)This is the correction for the SARS Virus.
DoctorsVialFlu-Like 1994 Flu Vial (West Nile Virus)This is the correction for the West Nile Virus.
DoctorsVialFlu-Like 1995 I.D.S. Flu The symptoms are the same as with any other flu with an additional chronic or nonproductive cough.
DoctorsVialFlu-Like 2000 Hale-Bopp FluHale-Bopp has saturated the environment with a foreign electromagnetic field that is changing the DNA of the body.  Some of the symptoms appear as GB, Vision, Kidney, and Flu symptoms.
DoctorsVialFlu-Like 2003 Cold ElectromagneticElectromagnetic Cold is a flu that feels like a cold, yet it can and has caused heart failure.
DoctorsVialFlu-Like 2003 Jell FluThis Flu turns the body in to Jelly type substance by using amino acid compounds.
DoctorsVialFlu-Like 2003 Mexican SmokeFlu Symptoms started from the Mexican fires.  This also covers all of the main fires around the world that cause health problems.
DoctorsVialFlu-Like 2003 Planet XPlanet X is getting the blame for the EMF and gravity changes.  It is causing allergies, flu’s and death.  We have seen allergies come back in 24 hrs.
DoctorsVialFlu-Like 2003 Rota VirusThis new Rota Virus is causing a cough and mucus in the lungs plus flu like symptoms.
DoctorsVialFlu-Like 2006 Nano-Dust TechniqueNano-Dust is causing breathing problems, stomach indigestion, sore throat, and other problems as well.
DoctorsVialFlu-Like 2009 Swine FluThe Swine flu was man made and here is how, at least that is what they want us to believe.
DoctorsVialFlu-Like 2012 Sugar FluA new flu is out; we are finding there are 2 viruses that hit at the same time one is a Sugar virus and the other one is a Lymphatic Virus.
DoctorsVialFlu-Like 2014 FluDigestion, Sore Throat, Coughing, Cold, Flu, Tired, every joint hurts, skin hurts, headaches, loss of appetite, etc.
DoctorsVialFlu-Like 2014 Fungus FluThis Flu looks like a bacteria and/or mold but it really is a fungus. So fixing it with drugs has not worked.
DoctorsVialFlu-Like 2014 Winter FluThis is the first wave of the flu season
DoctorsVialFlu-Like 2015 Cogitatio Myelin Encephalitis 150+ VirusesThe Nanites have combined Myelin Encephalitis and the 150+ strains.  Have to love Chem-Trails.  This may need to be combined with Sugar Flu, Medusa, and or CPC Vials, as well.
DoctorsVialFlu-Like 2015 Crop Protection Chemicals FluThis Flu causes digestive problems and the side effects of Poor Digestion
DoctorsVialFlu-Like 2015 Medusa DiseaseThis new Disease seems to work on turning the body to stone.
DoctorsVialFlu-Like 2015 Mold FluThis Flu is from molds.
DoctorsVialFlu-Like 2015 New Flu
DoctorsVialFlu-Like 2016 FluThis is the preseason flu 
DoctorsVialHormone ToxicitySymptoms: Pre-eclampsia symptoms like elevated blood pressure, headaches, and Vision distortions flat surfaces appear elevated, proteins in urine, organ enzymes in the blood indicating damage.
DoctorsVialHospital EnvironmentThis vial is good for anyone that has been in or works in a hospital. Works on the Diseases and energy of a Hospital.
DoctorsVialHuman Body AdaptationThis technique is for teaching the patient’s body to run at optimized health.  There are many people who do not know how to run the body that they are in and it does whatever it wants, not what the person needs.  It also increases the energy control over the body.
DoctorsVialI.G.A.Part of the long allergy Correction
DoctorsVialI.G.C.Part of the long allergy Correction
DoctorsVialI.G.E.Part of the long allergy Correction
DoctorsVialI.G.G.Part of the long allergy Correction
DoctorsVialI.G.M.Part of the long allergy Correction
DoctorsVialInfection Bacterial StaphThis works on Bacterial Staph infections, Spinal Meningitis and can show up if the spine has been punctured for any reason.
DoctorsVialInfection Candidia 1 mil+30 years ago Candidia was a great buzz word, that really did not do much, as far as the patient feeling better, well of the years it has mutated and now is causing a lot of problems with digestion, circulation, weight, and many more. We have found there is over 1 million different strains to Candidia.
DoctorsVialInfection Coxsackie +It has been reported that in every case of Juvenile Diabetes, the patient has a flu-like illness with high fever immediately prior to the sudden onset of Juvenile Diabetes and it has been reported that the Coxsackie and/or the Coxsackie B virus is the causative agent for this.
DoctorsVialLeadLead can be the most difficult heavy metal to detoxify.  Use the LONG Allergy Sequence.  Lead usually has an emotional component.  There is a relationship between holding onto something emotional in the past, and holding onto lead in the body.  Failing to deal with the emotion can stop the detoxification process.  The doctor must handle this component first.  Lead will mimic multiple sclerosis.  Anyone with a diagnosis of MS should be screened for Lead.
DoctorsVialLymphatic SystemsThis works on the entire Lymphatic system from movement to the Lymphatic Juices, the Uptake and Down take plus braking down and building up the Immune Systems. This is one of many waste disposal systems and first response systems. Systems.
DoctorsVialMercuryLike Lead, Mercury is very difficult to detoxify.
DoctorsVialMigrate and SortTake all information and concepts from multiple sources and cross check them with current information and reality.  What fits here and now maybe different from the reality we used to know so if it fits then be able to use it and if it does not then it goes into imagination or fantasy for use later or never?
DoctorsVialMuscle / Nerve PainRestores Muscles and Nerves to normal and optimized function.  Works with deep muscle and bone pain.
DoctorsVialMyofascial TechniqueTreats spasms in muscles or organs
DoctorsVialNanobot Re-ProgramNanobots are here to stay, so we have to make them work for us instead of working against us.  With this in mind, this is one way to reprogram them to help heal the body. Looking back, we have seen the Nanobots as early as 1993 with the first to find was Cogitatio Parasitus.
DoctorsVialNickelDetoxification mimics a mild case of flu.  Sites of infection seem to be a focus of Nickel toxicity.  Locate the vial on these sites as well as on the Thymus point and fix as found for each point.
DoctorsVialNutrition Up Take and Down Take Do you have any patients that are having trouble absorbing their nutrition? With the new GMO’s and Nano-Bots in our food the body does not know what to do with it.  So I have had to find a way to get the body to utilize the food we eat and drink. The Up Take helps in the absorption of nutrients from anything swallowed and the Down Take helps to eliminate any by products from normal or other healing process.
DoctorsVialOxygen O2This resets the oxygen and carbon dioxide utilization to optimal ratio.
DoctorsVialPerfumeThis works on the micro lockups in the pelvis that will not release or keeps returning, and is unstable.
DoctorsVialPfiesteria Piscicida (Earth and Space)The main symptoms we found are sudden temper tantrums progressing into violent reactions, loss of cohesive thinking, and most of the common flu symptoms, we are now also seeing weight gain, rashes and other symptoms. 
DoctorsVialPhysician Desk ReferenceList of Medication from around the world
DoctorsVialProgram FunctionsYou can run the vial or manually.  Here is a list of different function and how to correct them back to normal function.
DoctorsVialProgram Nutritional FunctionsHere’s a list of nutritional functions. You can run the vial or manually.  Here is a list of different function and how to correct them back to normal function.
DoctorsVialProgram SequencesYou can run the Vial or run manually if needed.
DoctorsVialProgram Vaccination CorrectionsYou can run the Vial or run manually if needed.  Here is a list of Vaccinations and corrections for each.
DoctorsVialPulmo + Zong-Fu-HuaUsed for colic in babies, and thrush: Manufacture this vial
DoctorsVialRehydrationTo rehydrate the body and or organs.
DoctorsVialRejuvenation (Basic Set)This vial is for rejuvenating injured or malfunctioning systems, organs and other areas to optimum vitality.
DoctorsVialReprogramReprogram life habits that are harmful to themselves and/or others around them.
DoctorsVialRespiratory MechanismThis is works on respiratory infections and other problems.
DoctorsVialReverberation of Magnetic FieldsThe Magnetic fields of earth are now reflecting back on us and increasing in density.  They are supposed to disperse into space, but ever-increasing percentages are reflecting back due to pollution. 
DoctorsVialSeasonal Affects DisorderHelps correct symptoms caused by seasonal changes (shorter days in the winter and less sunlight); mood swings, depression, increased sleep and carbohydrate cravings. 
DoctorsVialSmoke Ashtray SmokeOne of the 7 Smoke Allergens
DoctorsVialSmoke Cigar SmokeOne of the 7 Smoke Allergens
DoctorsVialSmoke in the AirOne of the 7 Smoke Allergens
DoctorsVialSmoke Pipe SmokeOne of the 7 Smoke Allergens
DoctorsVialSmoke Real Pipe SmokeThis works on all of the smoke allergies at one time.
DoctorsVialSmoke SmokingOne of the 7 Smoke Allergens
DoctorsVialSmoke TobaccoOne of the 7 Smoke Allergens
DoctorsVialSmoke Tobacco in PocketOne of the 7 Smoke Allergens
DoctorsVialSolar FlaresStrong Electromagnetic Fields, Sun Spots and flares off the sun.
DoctorsVialSunUsed in several Techniques dealing with the Sun
DoctorsVialSunTanThis technique is for enhance the tanning of the body and help prevent burning.
DoctorsVialSystem (Any and All Combinations)This System Technique vial is for fixing an entire system at once. 
DoctorsVialTechnique Dr. Victor L FrankThis technique is very similar to Natural Healing Technique but limited to what my father knew, and how he worked the body.  So if you have no idea of where to go, this is one of two has everything in one toy.
DoctorsVialTotal DetoxThis is working on detoxing the body in less than an hour and reshape in 6 hours depends on how much.
DoctorsVialUniversal Learning Assimilation Distribution And / Or (Basic Set)We have come up with a technique that effects -Memory Recall, Comprehension, and Learning ability (Health and Study). 
DoctorsVialVaccine 1982 Canadian PolioThis problem causes a bronchial-tracheal inflammation, which causes difficult breathing.
DoctorsVialVirus Callci ColocyFound in rabbits in Australia (used to control the population of rabbits).
DoctorsVialVirus CholeraThis has all of the Cholera’s known in one vial.
DoctorsVialVirus Epstein Barr Virus 160, 000+This technique not only goes after the active Virus but also the inactive Viruses. 
DoctorsVialVirus Rota VirusThis new Rota Virus is causing a cough and mucus in the lungs plus Flu-Like symptoms.
DoctorsVialVirus ZedaElectro-magnetic broadcasts of Zeda Virus.
DoctorsVialVirus ZetaSuicide Virus used in Chemical Trails.
DoctorsVialWater Works ( In Basic)This helps the body to use water and helps them drink the full amount required by their body.
DoctorsVialYour Ideal BodyThis will control the fat levels and muscle levels by setting optimal levels for the body.  This technique can reduce scars, cellulous, color spots, and any unwanted demarcations. 
DoctorsVialYour InsulinFor people who are allergic to their insulin. Manufacture this product
DoctorsVialYour WellnessSupports the; mind, body, soul, and Emotions for moving forward to sustaining wellness. 
DoctorsVialYouth ProgramThis can give back the energy, healing, and stamina of a 25 year old not how they were at 25.
DoctorsVialZincZinc affects the nervous system, causing peripheral neuritis and a sensation of bugs crawling on the skin.