NHS Breast Research

Breast are an intricate part of a woman’s health but so little is known about them. They come in so many sizes and shapes. How do they stay in position? How do we change the position? How do they stay healthy? What can affect the health of the breast?

In the little research I have done I have found many problems with the breast that can easily be fixed. From lumps to tenderness.

The first thing I have found to be the biggest problem are the bras. They hold the rib cage in place so that it cannot move, setting up a rib torque that can have symptom’s from hiatal hernia to Crohn’s Disease.  That does not take in to account breathing problems like asthma, bronchitis, etc. The breasts have a lot of lymphatic ducts and blood vessels with passive circulation.  Bras stop the movement of the breast and add compression to the vessels to stop or restrict the flow. So now the lymphatic's back up and cause pain and lumps. Other reports have stated that areas of the world that does not wear bra have no breast cancer, well that maybe true but it did not look at the western foods as well as the bras.  Bras do restrict circulation and detoxing of the breast that can lead to lumps and even cancer, as the toxins build up and cause inflammation.  Breast also produce hormones to run the body, like stomach for digestion.

Palpating the breast is different than the medical version, you need to feel between top and bottom, side to side, the full length of the breast.  The breast should feel soft and smooth, with no lumps. The little to large hard spots are signs of the circulation backing up. It is not necessary where it is backing up but the lumps are the spots that are weak vessel’s that have ballooned up.